Why Your Next Goal Should Be A ‘Money Goal’

Money Goal

Maybe it’s a dollar amount?

Or, the number of new sales you’re striving for?

Or how full your appointment book will be to bring on new clients?

Whatever the goal looks like, your next business goal should be something associated with creating revenue,

Here are 3 reasons why:

First, having a financial target keeps you from hiding behind productivity.

You know what I mean… doing stuff that makes you look and feel productive, but it’s not moving your business forward.

^That’s like putting things on your to-do list that don’t even BELONG on the list… JUST so you can check something off your list.*

*No judging here… I do it too!

Second, you can measure a money goal in an instant!

How much cash the business earns is a great report card on how things are going. 

(It’s like opening the fridge to discover the mayonnaise is fuzzy and green… You may not like what you see, but at least you know the truth before it’s too late!).

Third, when you reach your first goal and end up with some cash in hand, the next goal should be even easier to achieve.

Right about now you might be thinking that a money goal would make you shallow…

Perhaps you feel like you should be ‘above’ focusing on the money.

I understand. But keep this in mind: The money goal isn’t YOUR goal, it’s the goal you have for your business… 

…so your business can continue living. So it can continue to create value for others (and yourself).

Your goals will be efforts to help your business reach its goal. See the difference?

Your efforts may include serving a customer.
Improving your message.
Or, making that call.
Or, building the sales page. 

And so on.

It’s all pretty simple.

Of course, keeping things this simple is the hard part.

If you want help creating a super-simple plan and a solid path forward (or just help in moving along your current path), reach out to me on FB Messenger — I’ve got some tools and programs that can help with that.