What’s Holding You Back As A Solo-Entrepreneur?

Which of these keeps you from reaching your business goals?

(the following 3 examples are from Steven Pressfield, Do The Work, The War of Art)

1. “Resistance includes fear, self-doubt, procrastination, addiction, distraction, timidity, ego and narcissism, self-loathing and perfectionism, and it is the worst enemy of the artist or entrepreneur…”

2. “The second worst enemy is rational thought which wants to control our creativity.

3. “And the third worst is family and friends who want us to remain as we are.”


(Okay, back to my commentary…)

The Super Smart Protector

I find it amazing that our brains are SO smart that it can set up traps for us to keep us from…

From what? From being uncomfortable? Yes, that’s it.

And as silly as that may sound, the brain can’t stand discomfort. So much that it will allow for these three foes will line up to take swipes at us (which, of course, makes us uncomfortable).

What’s really bad is when they gang up and we get two or three of these bad dudes attacking at the same time.

The great news is that these forces lose much of their power when we’re simply aware of them.

What gives us even MORE power to Finish The Thing is when we team up with others and can verbally expose these enemy attacks.

For example, just having someone who understands what we’re going thru — someone like a fellow solo-entrepreneur — can be a huge boost.

If we were to send out a simple message: “Help! I’ve been overthinking, this,” and if that cohort writes back with something like, “Just sit down and start typing.” Or, “here’s a simple template I follow.”

More than providing any “real” solution, these small acts shine a light upon these destructive forces and takes out the sting.

Add a bit of focused, effortful action, and the enemy forces Mr. Pressfield talks about don’t stand a chance.

Of course they’ll be back — but you’ll know exactly what to do.

Finish The Thing...

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