Time Is Harder For Entrepreneurs

time is harder for entrepreneurs

Time is harder for us as entrepreneurs...

For one thing, you fired your boss (or you’re working on it). So there’s no one to tell us to “Get back to work!” (Congrats, BTW).

So we can pretty much NOT SHOW UP any time we please… 

And sometimes, we don’t.

For example, I took my daughter out for driving lessons this morning. During that time, was I working on my to-do list? No!

(But I WAS working toward a panic attack at 7MPH below the posted speed limit!). 

I mean, that’s what we wanted when we started out, right? (Not the panic attack). We wanted to have the flexibility to do things on our own terms.

And, now it’s here...

No doubt, I count my blessings… If I had a job, I couldn’t take time from my work to teach a (“as long as you’re still living in this house, you’re a) child to drive.

With so many distractions (Facebook, email, a hormonal young woman cutting off a tractor while passing. Oh My Heck… A TRACTOR!!!)

On top of the intentional and unintentional interruptions, maybe you’re wondering if you’re on the right path. If you’re even doing the right thing to move your business forward

How can us soloP’s get anything done at all?

Try this…

Each week, make yourself an “If All Declaration.”

Here’s how it works… Look at what the main goal is for your business (make it a ‘money goal.’ 90 days is a good amount of time for a business goal. I wrote about ‘money goals’ last week).

Ok, let’s simplify this a bit: What do you need to accomplish at the end of 30 days to be on target for reaching the main goal in 90 days?

Got it? It doesn’t need to be exact (just try to keep it between the lines).

Next, finish this statement:

“IF ALL I ACCOMPLISH THIS WEEK is _________, I’ll be on track to reaching my 30-day goal.”

And that’s it. You now have your IF ALL Declaration

Use it every week. Make adjustments as you go (I’ll write about that, soon)

You’ll find life simpler. And when you get off course, you’ll find it much easier to get back on track

Remember… you wanted a flexible schedule. Now it’s up to you to do all you can to get done what needs to get done

(Even if it’s at 28 MPH in a 35 zone).

NOTE: If you don’t want to do everything all on your own, I’m accepting a handful of entrepreneurs for my online ‘get stuff done’ club. It includes a simple plan, a solid path forward, plus the support and accountability needed to stay on that path. It’s not free (there’s no accountability in free). Message me on FB if you’d like to know more.