Hire A Personal Accountability Partner
Get The Important Stuff Done And Watch Your Business Grow.
Life Gets Busy
But Your Business Shouldn't Have To Suffer
What if you had a ONE-WAY Accountability Partner. Someone totally focused on YOU, and you didn't have to spend your time and energy trying to motivate them?

That's what we do: 
We keep you on track. You grow your business. 
This is no "Be on the call every Friday" sort of deal. Oh no, no, no! 
We've created a system of support and accountability unlike any other. We created a system that works.
  •  It works because we’ve SCRAPPED the typical model of a weekly phone call   
    (the Call-Per-Week often produces a '3AM Work Session' the night before, leading to burn-out the rest of the week).
  •  It works because we’ve ditched Facebook and replaced it with a separate, DISTRACTION-FREE platform    (each day you'll take 5 to 7 minutes to answer a few accountability questions and each day you'll receive daily input back from your personal accountability partner).
  •  It works because DAILY accountability is what creates MOMENTUM in your business
    (success drives greater success).
  •  It works because you are focusing on YOUR OWN EFFORTS  (instead of trying to motivate others like in a traditional "free" accountability group).
1. We both need to understand where you want to go...
          Within the first three days you'll
  • Access the the online platform and identify what you’d like to see happen in your first 90 days (Yes, there is a guide to help you identify these goals). 
  •  Decide what will need to happen in the NEXT 30 days in order to reach your 90 day goals. 
  •  Hop on the platform each day and report your efforts.
2. Now that you've started, next let's ensure you're on the same page with your new AP (Accountability Partner)
  • Continue to check in and report each day on the online platform. There will be a few questions to answer, then you’ll decide what to work on for the next day — this takes between 5 to 7 minutes each day.
  •  Your Professional Accountability Partner will personally review the notes you’ve made and offer feedback at least four days each week. 
What if I have trade secrets?
Only share what you feel like sharing. Trade secrets and personal matters should remain yours. Just know that for everything else, you’re in a safe space where you can ask questions, name frustrations, and celebrate your victories.

What if I get stuck? 
While we are NOT a business coaches, we do offer a few tools inside this package to help solve problems fast, getting you back on track fast.
What if I get off track? 
If you get off track, simply get back on track. Start where you’re at. There’s no need to make up for lost time, just get going.
What about Phone Calls?
Because you’re checking in every day and receiving feedback throughout each week, a phone call may not be necessary. However, your Personal Accountability Partner will be hosting group calls twice each month. You are welcome to join those calls as part of your package. 

(If you feel you need additional support, choose the Support Call Option at checkout which includes two 60-minute phone calls every month).
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Hire A Personal Accountability Partner
Powerful Accountability In 5 to 7 Minutes A Day.
 Be in business for yourself — Not by yourself...
Accountability is the secret to my largest successes in business and I'm confident it's the key that will unlock freedom and success for you, too.  I look forward to working with you as your Personal Accountability Partner. Click the link and fill out the information on the order form, and let’s get started!

--Dave Charbonneau, Founder

Get the important stuff done and watch your business grow.
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