Online CoWorking Events Are Here

online coworking events

There are lots of reasons people like Coworking Events...

►  Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times.
►  There’s an element of accountability. 
►  There’s an opportunity to meet others on the biz-owner journey.
►  And, when it’s over, if some important task isn’t completed, at least it got a good start.

(And getting started is often the hardest part of completing a task.) 

I recently upgraded my Zoom account and I invited other solopreneurs to join together for a weekly co-working event. And people showed up! 

I enjoyed the event. I enjoyed putting it together. So much that I’m planning on creating more and more regular dates and times. 

Are you a solo-entrepreneur? 

Want to join us? 

You can reach out to me on Messenger for more info, OR: I created a group on Facebook to make scheduling and meeting others easier. C’mon in!

–Dave Charbonneau