Why Facebook Groups Don’t Work For Accountability

Most solo-entrepreneurs will agree that accountability is one of the absolute basics of success.

There was a time when accountability was built into everything we did. Our parents, schools, and jobs, all were systems of accountability. 

The problem is that when we left those people and systems behind to start a small business we also left behind our systems of support and accountability.

And yet part of us knows we need it more than ever. We might look for accountability in places like Facebook groups, or coaching programs. Info courses often include “accountability groups.”

These groups are great for social interaction (after all, as folks who often work alone we need camaraderie, too!). 

But as far as accountability goes, they simply miss the mark.

Think about it: back in school, if we didn’t do our work we got poor grades (and faced our parents). In a job, we got reprimanded, missed out on a raise or promotion, or just got invited to “never come back” (and faced our parents again — this time to move back in). 

But in a Facebook group: we can participate whenever we want (or not). We don’t have anyone to kick us out if we don’t show up. And with hundreds of others involved it’s easy to get lost. 

Adding a weekly video call doesn’t help much, either. Weekly or monthly meetings often lead to binge-working the night before — leading to poor quality work and, eventually, burnout. 

Again, I’m not dissing Facebook groups for what they are. For social interaction I find myself chatting it up on Facebook all the time (shout out to Sue, Alyse, and Jim!). They just aren’t effective for accountability. 

How can you get the support and accountability you need to grow your business?

One thing I DON’T recommend is starting and running an accountability group (this includes finding an accountability partner). 

Doing so means adding one more major thing to your to-do list (most entrepreneurs find their to-do list already grows faster than their ability to cross tasks off). 

Another challenge shows up when you’re the most accountable person in the group (and of course you SHOULD be the most accountable person!). If that’s you, you’ll be the one pushing others to keep up on their business tasks (or to even show up). You may end up feeling like you have a part-time job (without pay).

So what CAN you do?

My first year in business (over 17 years ago) I was fortunate to join a quality support & accountability group. By surrounding myself with the right environment and the right people (and some hard work!) I saw my business grow from $30k to over $2 million in cash and assets (that is my experience, yours will be different). 

I’ve not come across a support system like the one I had — certainly nothing affordable (the one I joined was $7,000 back in 2004! Yikes!!). 

I couldn’t find a support system, so my wife, Renee, and I created one. It’s called GetResultsClub, and we manage all things Support & Accountability so you can focus on getting your most important work done, every day (and we do it for about the price of a white chocolate frappuccino or a large smoothie. Mmm… smoothies!). 

If you want to learn more, send me a message. But here’s something I can give to you right now: 

It’s a tool I made for our Club members, a PDF to help you create both a simple plan and get you started on a solid path (you’ll get it for your business, but you’ll end up using it for ALL your goals!). 

It’s called Finish The Thing™ and you can grab your free copy, here: https://getresultsclub.com/finish-the-thing-pdf

Here’s wishing my best to you and your business success!