An Urgency Infusion For Your Business

Reach your business goals

Have you ever had to make a beeline for your gate at the airport?

Do you give the same urgency toward your current business goals?

In Steve Chandler’s book, Time Warrior, the author talks about this type of airport experience.

Chandler asks his readers to imagine running to the gate. Someone stops you to say, “I’ve got some things I’d like you to take a look at.”

Would you change course? Stop what you’re doing? Miss your plane? 

Not likely.

There are few reasons we’d miss a plane on purpose.

What Urgency Looks Like

I remember a particular trip to the airport… 

I left the house early. The plan was to take the FrontRunner train up to Salt Lake City, then transfer to the Green Line going west to the airport.

But there was something wrong — the first train was moving at about 5 to 10 MPH, often slowing to a stop.

My Dad was over a thousand miles away and scheduled for emergency surgery in the morning. He was concerned he wouldn’t make it out alive.

But if the train wasn’t stopped on the tracks, it was only inching forward.

Do you think I’d miss that plane?

Absolutely not! 

I had a call out to Renee. She had the kids out of bed and ready to rush over in the ‘minivan express’. 

That’s not all I did. I downloaded the Uber App to my phone. It was a relief to know there were vehicles and drivers at the ready at each of the next few stops.

But let me ask you: Is finishing your current task list as important as a bought & paid for ride in a commercial jetliner?

(The great news is that the issues with the train did get resolved and I made it to the airport on time. AND my Dad survived the surgery).

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