A Solid Path Forward

a solid business path

Second-guessing in business is like ice cream… it’s hard to stop at just one scoop.

One way to avoid second guessing is to lay down a solid path. To know exactly what you should be working on to get your business exactly where you want to take it.

But even if you start out in the right direction, you’re bombarded with new “how-to’s”, which quickly become “Should I’s?”.

And “Should I’s” make your to-do list grow faster than you can cross things off.

Which leaves you feeling overworked, over-committed, and overwhelmed.

And all of that leads to what? MORE second-guessing (and, for me, MORE overeating even MORE ice cream).

How can we turn over a new leaf (and how many times CAN I use the word “over” in this post? You’re right. I’m overdoing it).

In a previous post, I showed you how to identify the gaps. The things that currently stand between you and what you want to accomplish. (If you haven’t read that, then jump on ov… ah, ok… I won’t say it. But go check it out).

^Those gaps — the stuff that’s keeping you from reaching your goals — are the most important stuff in your business.

Now you know what’s holding you back, it’s time to bridge those gaps.

Here’s a solution: Do all your second-guessing up front...

Take the goal you’re trying to reach and instead of taking immediate action, pause for 15 minutes. Use that time to make a list of 10 ideas that can act as possible solutions.

After you reach 10 (you can come up with more, but not less), pick the one to three ideas that look like they’ll work for you.

Note: When coming up with ideas, make sure you get all the way to 10. This is important, because it’s somewhere around ‘7’ you’ll run out of conventional ideas. That’s when you have to think out of the box, and that’s when you may find an easier, faster, or better solution.

Note, continued: And to get all the way to 10, be sure to let your imagination run wild. Include silly, goofy, and even “dumb” ideas on your list of 10 ideas.

And that’s your simple path. THOSE FEW IDEAS are where you’ll spend 90% of your time until that first gap is gone!

And when the gaps are gone, you’ve reached the goal!

And then you celebrate. Perhaps with, say… ice cream… Mint Chip. Or, wait… something with peanut butter in it? Or maybe…

My point is… leave the second-guessing for the ice cream aisle, not your business path.

What I’ve covered here is just one step in a 4-step process.

The process is:

  1. Decide upon a goal (preferably a ‘money goal’ so reaching your next goal becomes easier).


  2. Identify the most important stuff in your business (which is whatever gaps stand between you and the goal).


  3. Choosing the tasks that are likely to bridge those gaps).


  4. Get the support and accountability you need to stick to your plan and move your business forward.

These are simple steps. What’s difficult is staying on that simple path.  I’m in the business of walking solopreneurs through each of these 4 steps (including a free tool for steps 1-3). 

If you’re interested, reach out to me on Facebook Messenger and I’ll get you the details.